Azhar Usman


Azhar Usman is a Chicago-based standup comedian, actor, writer, and producer. CNN called him “America’s Funniest Muslim,” and Georgetown University identified him as “one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World.” In 2010, standup icon Dave Chappelle commented “Azhar Usman is untouchable.” As the co-founder of the international comedy showcase “Allah Made Me Funny–The Official Muslim Comedy Tour,” he has toured over 20 countries, on five continents.

Bachar Houli


Bachar Houli is an Australian rules footballer for Richmond in the Australian Football League. Houli plays as a midfielder and in an interview in 2007 he said he was the first practicing Muslim to play for a senior AFL side. Houli has become a leading influence for many young Australian Muslims; his dedication and commitment to his AFL career has enabled him to become a primary figure in his community.

Aseel Tayah

Installation Artist

Aseel travels around the world to discover, photograph and get inspired by people’s culture and history. She initiated “Fingerprint” project to empower young women in her country of origin, Palestine. She is sharing her 10 years of experience in leadership and community development. She is a creative director, art producer and installation artist and has been using her voice to tell stories in arts venues and festivals.

Peter Gould


Peter Yaseen Gould is an Australian designer, creative entrepreneur and digital artist. The BBC described him as “among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool.” Peter’s spiritual and artistic journey into Islam over the last ten years has resulted in a flourish of creative projects aiming to illuminate and inspire hearts from around the Ummah.

Aerosol Ali

Graffiti Artist

Graffiti was often a self-glorification of one’s identity, the ‘tag’ being the focus. Mohammed began exploring simple messages which at the heart of were still – the words – but words which pointed to other than the ‘self’, with a deeper message, that was speaking to the public, and relevant to the wider society. Mohammed was recently invited by the Pope to perform at the Vatican and delivered a memorable experience for all those who attended.

Iman Ayoubi


Iman is a Sydney-based illustrator that specialises in conceptual art. She does illustrations for Ummah Legends weekly. Nothing about her art journey has been linear when she started off with a science degree & made the leap into Design & Illustration. Thru her art with the use of digital illustrations and traditional mediums; Iman hopes to promote discovery of the self and attract attention to the greatness of the Ummah.

Nour Abou-zeid

MC / Host

Nour Abouzeid, a generation Y Muslim Australian, frustrated with the world and has a lot to say. Having always enjoyed English and poetry coupled with his love for hip-hop and conscious lyrics, spoken word poetry became for him the ideal artistic medium to fight misconceptions, challenge the status quo and try to assert with pride a Muslim identity.

Muslim Belal

Spoken Word

Ashley Chin aka “Muslim Belal” is an English actor, screenwriter, spoken word performance poet and former rapper of Jamaican descent. Reverted to being a young Muslim of Islam and coming from the ghetto upbringing of the streets of London, Muslim has dazzled and shared his journey with thousands across the world with his story. Muslim spends his spare time helping the youth by giving inspiring talks and doing interactive workshops.

Nour Tohamy


Nour Tohamy is a 20 year old self taught pencil/pen artist, born and raised in Sydney. Her art first gained exposure through her Instagram page, @sparksflyidraw, acquiring her an audience of thousands. Since then it has became a language to convey conceptualism and positivity.

Muhammad Khodr

Nasheed Artist

Muhammad Khodr is a creative and talented nasheed artist from Sydney, Australia who sings nasheeds both in English and Arabic. His words are a celebration of his faith and reaches out across communities by touching the hearts of those who listen to his lyrics. As a recognised and acclaimed High School Teacher with a strong passion for the Quran, Muhammed Khodr is a voice of calmness, beauty and reason.

Daood Butt


Shaykh Daood Butt obtained a degree in Automotive Technology and was nominated amongst Canada’s Top Graduates of 2002. He went on to study at the Islamic Uni of Madinah for 7 years, after which he did a Master of Arts Degree in Islamic & Other Civilizations from the IIUM, Malaysia. Daood has developed as one of the leading youth councillor of our time and travels the globe parting knowledge.

Anita Rai


Anita Rai is an aspiring singer and songwriter from Melbourne of Indian heritage. With inspiring lyrics and a voice audiences have come to love, she shares her heart through her music. Her appearances include opening act for some of Bollywood’s greatest singing and acting legends such as; Adnan Sami, Sunidhi Chauhan, Farhan Akhtar etc. Her journey to Islam has been exciting and full of challenges.

Kamal Saleh

Spoken Word

Kamal has always been someone who has loved to express himself through Art. He is known for his Spoken Word talents on YouTube. He has used his talent of spoken word in order to project the religion of Islam in a positive light. He has shown the Muslim community at large, just how powerful our talents can be in the path of Islam. He has introduced art in the field of Islam.

Faisal Salah


At Just 19 years of age, Faisal Salah with his unique, powerful voice and thought provoking lryics narrates his journey back to islam to all. He has been known to leave crowds in awe as he tells stories of his past and emotional choices through his pieces. For someone so young he has shared the stage with many names such as, Mecca2Medina, Poetic Pilgrimage, Muslim Belal, Amir Khan and many others.

Oznur Ates

Ebru Marbling Artist

Oznur is a leading and sought after Ebru Marbling artist in Australia. Spellbound by the dance of the colours on water, Oznur set out to explore this art form several years ago. She is self-taught and amalgamates traditional materials and classical techniques with contemporary ideas to produce these unique artforms. Oznur has showcased her selection of vivid artwork in galleries and art festivals across Australia and now teaches her students in her own studio.
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