Ilm Arts Festival - KUALA LUMPUR

In 2015, an epic festival was launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where a truly diverse range of art forms were experienced under one roof. After ground-breaking events in Kuala Lumpur (10/16), Kuwait (08/16), Melbourne (03/16), Johannesburg (07/17), Melbourne (09/18), London (11-19); it is now finally coming back home to Kuala Lumpur in association with the Garden Of Eid Festival. Prominent artists from a renage of genres including Sports Personalities, Comedians, Influencers, Spoken Word, Poets, Graffiti Artists, Reciters, Rappers, Light Painters and many more all come together for a one-day only festival that you just can't afford to miss.

About Ilm Arts Festival

Full-color-versionIlm Arts Festival

The Ilm Arts Festival aims to showcase some of the world’s leading performers and artists to come together in an amazing one day festival, where faith meets creativity.

By engaging audiences, uniting communities and highlighting the challenges the youth are currently facing, the Ilm Arts Festival will be the voice of the unheard.  Read more>




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