Mishary Al-Afasy

Reciter / Nasheeds

Sheikh Mishary Rashid Ghareeb Mohammed Rashid Al-Afasy is a Kuwaiti national and was born in 1976. He studies at The Islamic University in Medina (KSA), College of the Holy Quran and Islamic Studies and specialized in The ten readings and translation of the holy quran. He has read the quran to Sheikh Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Zaiat born in 1325H in the year 1907. As well as a being a renowned reciter, Sheikh Mishary is also a prolific Nasheed artist releasing many famous songs over the years.

Amir Khan


Catapulted into the limelight from the 2004 Silver medal Olympic podium Amir Khan has become Britain’s highest-profile boxer racking up an impressive professional fight record; having become the World Light Welterweight Champion in July 2009. Living to box has been a self-proclaimed obsession for Amir Khan; one that has turned him from a talented streetwise boy, into a self-assured man and a World Champion.

Zain Bhikha


Since 1994, Zain Bhikha has inspired fans the world over with his messages of hope and upliftment. As a singer, songwriter and through creative workshops and television, Zain is amongst the most popular English Islamic artists, well-loved by young and old. With twelve albums under his belt and a thirteenth to be released this year, Zain’s audience continues to grow in his country of birth, South Africa, as well as globally.

Nouman Ali Khan


Nouman Ali Khan is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah and serves as a lead instructor for several programs including a number of traveling seminars and Bayyinah TV. His serious Arabic training began in the U.S. in 1999 under Dr. Abdus-Samie, founder and former principal of Quran College in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Nouman has a worldwide following of millions for his lectures and talks and is one of the most influential Muslims in the world.

Hannah Habibi

Artist & Designer

With her humorous juxtapositions and striking subjects, at first glance Hannah’s bold, playful work raises a smile, however the work is clearly underpinned by a deeper social commentary giving her attractive work depth and poignancy. In 2011 Hannah won the 3FF Urban Dialogues Artist Award for her works “Illumination” and “Chasing Paradise”. Hannah’s creative work has taken pop art to new heights and makes one reflect and ponder.

Ahmed Bukhatir


Ahmed Bukhatir is a name synonymous today with any lover of music, specially the “acapella” style of singing. A singer, par excellence, with over 10 million fans, truly an artiste who proves that “music is a universal language”. He has sung in 3 different languages at this point, English, Arabic and French. Ahmed was born in 1975 into one of the biggest business families and he currently serves as a Senator for the Sharjah government.

Peter Sanders


Peter Sanders began his career in the mid 1960s as one of London’s key photographers of rock musicians including pictures of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Rolling Stones and many others. In 1970, he set off for India and this trip became a spiritual odyssey that led him to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, where he photographed the hajj, at a time when few professional photographers had done so.

Syafiq Zane

Chef & Entrepreneur

Chef Syafiq Zane trained at the prestigious 3 Michelin Star establishment Jean Georges in New York City. After returning to Malaysia he founded F.I.Q’s (Food, Innovation and Quality) the flag ship resturant in Subang Jaya that represents the foundation of his restaurant and his commitment to not only satisfy the hunger for food but also the hunger for excellence in the field of culinary science.

Martin Travers

Visual Artist

Martin Travers was born and raised in London to parents of mixed heritage from England and Ireland and is an international muralist and visual artist. His art is a reflection of the struggles of the working class and marginalized communities around the world. He is experienced in a wide range of discipline including murals, fine art, scenic and specialist decorative painting. Martin travels the world painting murals and community arts projects, giving workshops on culturally diverse developmental arts.

Jordan Richter


Jordan is a professional skateboarder and founder of the Jordan Richter Skateboard Academy in San Francisco. Known for his innovation and creativity, he remains one of the most influential skateboarders of his generation. Growing up during the mid 80’s in San Diego, the epicenter of action sports culture, Richter spent his days skating at the Del Mar Skate Ranch, where he trained with greats such as, Tony Hawk, Danny Way and Christian Hosoi.

Peter Gould


Peter Yaseen Gould is an Australian designer, creative entrepreneur and digital artist. The BBC described him as “among those young urban global Muslims leading the emergence of a new Muslim cool.” Peter’s spiritual and artistic journey into Islam over the last ten years has resulted in a flourish of creative projects aiming to illuminate and inspire hearts from around the Ummah.

Mizz Nina

Designer & Singer

Mizz Nina is a renowned Malaysian singer, songwriter and business women. With an illustrious career going back to 1999 when she formed Teh Tarik Crew and after various achievements she went solo in 2010 with her album “What Are You Waiting For”. After returning from Hajj, in 2014 she announced she will only sing to women audiences and embarked on the launch of her fashion outlet Madeena.



He is not called Altimet for nothing. Whether busting rhymes as an MC, producing tracks, composing music or writing lyrics, Altimet delivers hot hits. Recognised for his talents and charm, Altimet strikes the chords that are deep within you. As a product of Malaysia, Altimet’s performances, videos and songs have been enjoyed by many both locally and globally. Not just a music guru, Altimet has launched his own brand of clothing.

Aerosol Ali

Graffiti Artists

Graffiti was often a self-glorification of one’s identity, the ‘tag’ being the focus. Mohammed began exploring simple messages which at the heart of were still – the words – but words which pointed to other than the ‘self’, with a deeper message, that was speaking to the public, and relevant to the wider society. Mohammed was recently invited by the Pope to perform at the Vatican and delivered a memorable experience for all those who attended.

Asia Alfasi

Comic Writer

Asia Alfasi is British Libyan an award winning Manga graphic novelist who spent her formative years first in Tripoli and then in Glasgow, Scotland upon migrating there with her family. The definitive Libyan childhood, at the time, was replete with Arabic-dubbed Japanese anime based on classic novels such as Little Women and Les Miserables, all of which inspired and nurtured her love of the genre.

Muslim Belal

Spoken Word

Ashley Chin aka “Muslim Belal” is an English actor, screenwriter, spoken word performance poet and former rapper of Jamaican descent. Reverted to being a young Muslim of Islam and coming from the ghetto upbringing of the streets of London, Muslim has dazzled and shared his journey with thousands across the world with his story. Muslim spends his spare time helping the youth by giving inspiring talks and doing interactive workshops.

Omar Regan


Omar Regan was born and raised in Detroit, USA and started writing songs at the age of 9. In 1999, Omar jumped on stage as a stand-up comic in local comedy clubs and soon after auditioned and was awarded the leading role in a regional commercial and knew acting was his passion and Hollywood was calling. With various acting roles and with the launch of his new movie American Shariah, Omar is on his way in Halalywood.

Amir Sulaiman


Amir Sulaiman is a poet, recording artist, activist and newly appointed Harvard Fellow, born in Rochester, New York. His poems cross subjects of love, tragedy as well as what it means to reconcile humanity with the unprecedented trials of modernity. Amir was first introduced to a National audience in 2005 when he was featured for two seasons on Russell Simmons’ groundbreaking series Def Poetry Jam on HBO.

Baba Ali


Baba Ali uses his sharp-witted style to take a realistic look at the everyday issues Muslims are confronted with, including being a Muslim teen, attending Muslim weddings and dealing with cultural issues that have impacted Muslims. What started out as a YouTube blog has turned into something that people all over the world are glued to, giving Ali the opportunity to travel the world and to perform his rare stand-up comedy.

Safina Sajid


Artist Safina Sajid is a British born Muslim whose creative practices concerns itself with the celebration and exploration of cross-cultures, identities and traditions. She explores the fusion between Eastern and Western cultures through sculpture, installation, painting, printmaking and photography. Influenced by her upbringing, she was surrounded by many forms of art such as colourful fabrics, traditional pottery, architecture and beautiful Arabic calligraphy.

Boonaa Mohammed

Spoken Word

Dubbed the “voice of a generation,” Boonaa Mohammed is a critically acclaimed award winning writer and performer with accolades including a playwright residency at Theatre Passe Muraille, a short story published in a Penguin Canada anthology called “Piece by Piece” and various slam poetry titles credits including winner of the 2007 CBC Poetry Face-Off “Best New Artist” award.

Daood Butt


Shaykh Daood Butt obtained a degree in Automotive Technology and was nominated amongst Canada’s Top Graduates of 2002. He went on to study at the Islamic Uni of Madinah for 7 years, after which he did a Master of Arts Degree in Islamic & Other Civilizations from the IIUM, Malaysia. Daood has developed as one of the leading youth councillor of our time and travels the globe parting knowledge.

Zohayma Montañer


Zohayma is of Hispanic Oriental descent and is a 13 time international award winning artist who has become one of the most eminent names in the scope of Islamic art and calligraphy. In 2012, she founded Al Ihsaan Islamic School of Arts an institution that aims to teach children the basic fundamentals of Islamic art and geometric designs. Zohyama is also a leading role model in providing insipiration and support to women.

Muadz Dzulkefly


Muadz is an all Inspiring, empowering, and loves to heal others thru his music. Not only is he a talented an upcoming artist, he is also a multilingual vocalist that aims to touch the hearts of all walks of life via unconventional style. With an array of performances that his done across the world, Muadz has a dedicated group of followers who are not only in love with his music but with his character.

Tommy Evans

Poet, Presenter

Imagination, initiative and industry are embedded in the DNA of Tommy Evans. In his decade long career as a hip hop musician he appeared on over forty releases, managed a record label, collaborated with multi-platinum and underground artists alike and performed in the UK, USA and Europe. Presently, he produces and presents RTV’s “Beard Is Beautiful”; delivers motivational talks and dynamic spoken word performances.
ibrahim jaaber

Ibrahim Jaaber

Spoken Word

Ibrahim Jaaber is the President of Color Me Muslim that focuses on Muslim Youth and has been blessed with the opportunity to play professional basketball internationally in the best league in Europe for over 6 years. Ibrahim has also been writing and performing poetry for over 10 years using the art of spoken word as a platform to reach out to the Muslim Youth and relay the message of Islam to anyone willing to listen.

Naima B Robert


Na’ima B Robert is descended from Scottish Highlanders on her father’s side and the Zulu people on her mother’s side. At high school, her loves included performing arts, public speaking and writing stories that shocked her teachers! She has written several multicultural books for children and is the author of ‘From Somalia, with love’, a novel for young adults. ‘Boy vs Girl’ is her second books for teens.


Beat Boxer

Shazet has been taking his originality and creative sounds to the new-school beatboxing scene ever-since the age of 15; especially in South-East Asia. From the shores of Penang, Malaysia and got his big break after winning Beatbox Melbourne Championship 2008 in Australia. He has then performed for various events around the world and represented Malaysia in the Beatbox World Championship 2009 that was hosted in Berlin.

Kamal Saleh

Spoken Word

Kamal has always been someone who has loved to express himself through Art. He is known for his Spoken Word talents on YouTube. He has used his talent of spoken word in order to project the religion of Islam in a positive light. He has shown the Muslim community at large, just how powerful our talents can be in the path of Islam. He has introduced art in the field of Islam.

Shinji Moriwaki

Spoken Word

Shinji Moriwaki aka Figure of Speech or just Speech, delivers songs that are politically and socially motivated. Born and raised in Kuwait to a Chinese mother and Japanese Father, he was brought up on the BBC and CNN which was his family’s idea of after-dinner entertainment. This daily diet of war and violence influenced his world view and eventually his music.
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