Aman Ali


Aman Ali is an award winning storyteller in New York City and one of the most engaging social media personalities in the Muslim community today. His passionate and animated tales he regularly posts to Facebook continue to go viral by the thousands daily. He is also one of the only young American Muslims in the public spotlight today. He’s made appearances on various media outlets and also is as a producer & comedian.

Fynn Jamal


Fynn Jamal is an educator, singer, composer, writer, poet, speaker, emcee, actor and influencer. After wining an array of awards over the last couple of years including 2014 Best New Artist Award for Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia and 2015 Penyanyi Wanita Paling Popular Award, Fynn is one of Malaysians leading female artist and performer. As a devoted mother and wife, Fynn reflects on her journey & shares her moments.

Karim Jabbari

Light Painter

Karim Jabbari began his artistic journey at the tender age of 12. A difficult childhood was made easier through the power of calligraphy, allowing him to express what he could not in words. His love for the Arabic language intensified as he began to delve deeper into its beautiful letters, words, and syllables. Inspired by old arabic scriptures, Karim developed his own abstract form of calligraphy using different patterns, shapes, and colors.

Belal Khaled


Belal Khaled is an upcoming calligraphy and graffiti artist with a passion for photography from Gaza. Belal’s unique blend of graffiti writing reinvents traditional Arabic calligraphy and gives hope to all those who encounter his work in Palestine.

Mariah Idrissi


Mariah Idrissi is fast becoming the face of modest fashion and a global influencer. She is the world’s first Muslim woman to model in hijab for the second largest retailer – H&M. Using her presence in fashion as a platform, she is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and has worked with various charitable organisations.

Omar Suleiman


Omar Suleiman was born and raised in Louisiana, and connects to a range of audiences through his character, knowledge and charisma. Omar has shared platforms with world leaders including President Barak Obama, served as an Imam in New Orleans and is dedicated to teaching. Omar is also a strong advocate of community service, interfaith dialogue, and in 2010, the Mayor and City Council of New Orleans awarded him for “Outstanding Civic Achievement”.

Aerosol Ali

Graffiti Artist

Graffiti was often a self-glorification of one’s identity, the ‘tag’ being the focus. Mohammed began exploring simple messages which at the heart of were still – the words – but words which pointed to other than the ‘self’, with a deeper message, that was speaking to the public, and relevant to the wider society. Mohammed was recently invited by the Pope to perform at the Vatican and delivered a memorable experience for all those who attended.

Muslim Belal

Spoken Word

Ashley Chin aka “Muslim Belal” is an English actor, screenwriter, spoken word performance poet and former rapper of Jamaican descent. Reverted to being a young Muslim of Islam and coming from the ghetto upbringing of the streets of London, Muslim has dazzled and shared his journey with thousands across the world with his story. Muslim spends his spare time helping the youth by giving inspiring talks and doing interactive workshops.

Yahya Ibrahim


Imam Yahya Ibrahim is Head of Islamic Studies & Asst. Principal at Langford Islamic College, Senior Imam at Thornlie Mosque, Islamic Chaplain at Curtin University & the University of Western Australia and lecturer. Yahya is, also, a Minister of Religion, in Australian and is respected for his dedication to promoting multiculturalism and the principles of social cohesion and cross-cultural dialogue to community groups.

Edris Khamissa

Public Speaker

Edris Khamissa is a well known international educationist and trainer who has conducted workshops / seminars around the world. Edris is an excellent motivational speaker who has tremendous faith in man’s capacity to make a change. His attendees find his programmes life-changing. What permeates the workshop is his passion and commitment. His anecdotes together with his knowledge make his presentations animated and insightful.

Faisal Salah


At Just 19 years of age, Faisal Salah with his unique, powerful voice and thought provoking lryics narrates his journey back to islam to all. He has been known to leave crowds in awe as he tells stories of his past and emotional choices through his pieces. For someone so young he has shared the stage with many names such as, Mecca2Medina, Poetic Pilgrimage, Muslim Belal, Amir Khan and many others.

Nour Abou-zeid

MC / Host

Nour Abouzeid, a generation Y Muslim Australian, frustrated with the world and has a lot to say. Having always enjoyed English and poetry coupled with his love for hip-hop and conscious lyrics, spoken word poetry became for him the ideal artistic medium to fight misconceptions, challenge the status quo and try to assert with pride a Muslim identity.

Essam Muhammad


Essam Muhammad is from South Seattle, WA, USA of Moroccan descent. He harmonizes Rhythm And Poetry into his art which brings a unique and contemporary aspect into the Islamic realm of creativity. He comes from a community where the youth all share something in common, which is experiencing trauma from a young age. The arts became an outlet of expression to escape from the internalized oppression he has faced.”

Mizz Nina

Designer & Singer

Mizz Nina is a renowned Malaysian singer, songwriter and business women. With an illustrious career going back to 1999 when she formed Teh Tarik Crew and after various achievements she went solo in 2010 with her album “What Are You Waiting For”. After returning from Hajj, in 2014 she announced she will only sing to women audiences and embarked on the launch of her fashion outlet Madeena.

Daood Butt


Shaykh Daood Butt obtained a degree in Automotive Technology and was nominated amongst Canada’s Top Graduates of 2002. He went on to study at the Islamic Uni of Madinah for 7 years, after which he did a Master of Arts Degree in Islamic & Other Civilizations from the IIUM, Malaysia. Daood has developed as one of the leading youth councillor of our time and travels the globe parting knowledge.



Romero Castillo is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Composer currently recording on his first album in London, UK. Castillo is currently doing a PhD in Islamic studies and works for Sony Entertainment label in the UK. His passion for fitness has also led him to become a part time personal trainer.


Beat Boxer

Shazet has been taking his originality and creative sounds to the new-school beatboxing scene ever-since the age of 15; especially in South-East Asia. From the shores of Penang, Malaysia and got his big break after winning Beatbox Melbourne Championship 2008 in Australia. He has then performed for various events around the world and represented Malaysia in the Beatbox World Championship 2009 that was hosted in Berlin.

Martin Travers

Visual Artist

Martin Travers was born and raised in London and is an international muralist and visual artist. His art is a reflection of the struggles of the working class and marginalized communities around the world. He is experienced in a wide range of discipline including murals, fine art, scenic and specialist decorative painting. Martin travels the world painting murals and community arts projects.

Anita Rai


Anita Rai is an aspiring singer and songwriter from Melbourne of Indian heritage. With inspiring lyrics and a voice audiences have come to love, she shares her heart through her music. Her appearances include opening act for some of Bollywood’s greatest singing and acting legends such as; Adnan Sami, Sunidhi Chauhan, Farhan Akhtar etc. Her journey to Islam has been exciting and full of challenges.

Muadz Dzulkefly


Muadz is an all Inspiring, empowering, and loves to heal others thru his music. Not only is he a talented an upcoming artist, he is also a multilingual vocalist that aims to touch the hearts of all walks of life via unconventional style. With an array of performances that his done across the world, Muadz has a dedicated group of followers who are not only in love with his music but with his character.
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