Kamal Saleh

Spoken Word

Kamal has always been someone who has loved to express himself through Art. He is known for his Spoken Word talents on YouTube. He has used his talent of spoken word in order to project the religion of Islam in a positive light. He has shown the Muslim community at large, just how powerful our talents can be in the path of Islam. He has introduced art in the field of Islam.

Sara Mansour

Performing Poet

Sara Mansour is the founding board member of NOW Australia & cofounder of Bankstown Poetry Slam. As a practising lawyer & a performing poet, she uses her practise & her art to shed light on issues of political & social importance. Sara has been recognised for many achievements, including Young Citizen of the year, Outstanding Youth Leader at the ZEST Awards 2018

Aerosol Ali

Graffiti Artist

Graffiti was often a self-glorification of one’s identity, the ‘tag’ being the focus. Mohammed began exploring simple messages which at the heart of were still – the words – but words which pointed to other than the ‘self’, with a deeper message, that was speaking to the public, and relevant to the wider society. Mohammed was recently invited by the Pope to perform at the Vatican and delivered a memorable experience for all those who attended.

Kauthar Abdulalim

Film Maker

Kauthar’s formal journey in films started in 2012 when she undertook a documentary filmmaking course at Open Channel in Melbourne. Since then she has made a short film titled ‘Found’, a story of an Australian Muslim woman who becomes a victim of an Islamophobic attack in Melbourne as the Sydney Siege crises unfold. ‘Found’ has been selected to screen at a number of local and international festivals and won many awards.”

Alaa El Zokm


Imam Alaa studied at Al Azhar University before residing with his wife in Melbourne. As an Imam, school teacher and marriage counsellor, he deals with the affairs of the local community on a daily basis. With his knowledge of the different Qirat recitations Imam Alaa is gifted in the art of Quranic recitation. Imam Alaa has also been a recipient of the Police Community Exemplary Award

Anita Rai


Anita Rai is an aspiring singer and songwriter from Melbourne of Indian heritage. With inspiring lyrics and a voice audiences have come to love, she shares her heart through her music. Her appearances include opening act for some of Bollywood’s greatest singing and acting legends such as; Adnan Sami, Sunidhi Chauhan, Farhan Akhtar etc.

George Green


George Green is a passionate author/ motivational speaker from New York City who inspires with words and his dedication to giving back to the community. With a degree in English & Psychology, George is also a published author working on a series of children’s books called Childhood Champions. George is also a dedicated youth, alcohol and drug outreach worker who works with Muslim youth in Melbourne.”

Ukht Tee


Ukht Tee is an emerging Speaker & Comedian, speaking about issues of a South Asian Muslim girl living in Australia. Her topics range from spirituality to marriage to wearing the niqab and anything in between. She is active in producing content such as “halal Muslim memes” and throws a light-hearted, humorous spin on serious issues with a dash of Islamic inspiration.

Shakeel Tariq


Shakeel Tariq an Australian born Muslim of Indian origin who began his art career with graffiti as a teenager. He completed his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker and has completed a course in Islamic studies at Darul Ulum, College of Victoria where he learnt Arabic calligraphy and now also teaches.

Zaynab Farah

Rapper MC

Zaynab is a Melbourne-based Spoken word artist. Driven to support and give back to her community. Her pieces explore intricate personal experiences and topics that she’s very passionate about. Zaynab has performed on various platforms, which include both community and local events.

Essam Muhammad


Essam Muhammad is from South Seattle, WA, USA of Moroccan descent. He harmonizes Rhythm And Poetry into his art which brings a unique and contemporary aspect into the Islamic realm of creativity. He comes from a community where the youth all share something in common, which is experiencing trauma from a young age.

Nur Shkembi


Nur Shkembi is a curator and writer who is a PhD candidate in the Doctor of Philosophy – Arts at the Uni of Melbourne. Over the past decade, Nur has produced more than 150 exhibitions, events & community engagement projects, both nationally and internationally. Much of her interest has been in the development of community awareness in relation to the arts with”

Nour Abou-zeid

MC / Host

Nour Abouzeid, a generation Y Muslim Australian, frustrated with the world and has a lot to say. Having always enjoyed English and poetry coupled with his love for hip-hop and conscious lyrics, spoken word poetry became for him the ideal artistic medium to fight misconceptions, challenge the status quo and try to assert with pride a Muslim identity.

Amran Abdi


Amran Abdi is a Australian author, speaker, poet and Early Childhood educator. She uses her experiences as a young, Somali. Muslim women to bring about understanding of the many cultures and communities she belongs to. In a year of publishing her first children’s book, “The Rainbow Hijab”, Amran has fostered positive international dialogue surrounding the hijab.

Muhammad Khodr

Nasheed Artist

Muhammad Khodr is a creative and talented nasheed artist from Sydney, Australia who sings nasheeds both in English and Arabic. His words are a celebration of his faith and reaches out across communities by touching the hearts of those who listen to his lyrics. As a recognised and acclaimed High School Teacher with a strong passion for the Quran, Muhammed Khodr is a voice of calmness, beauty and reason.

Eugenia Flynn

Arts Worker

Eugenia Flynn is a writer, arts worker & community organiser with over 10 years’ experience. Eugenia runs the blog Black Thoughts Live Here and her thoughts on the politics of race, identity, gender and arts and culture have been published widely. Eugenia identifies as Aboriginal (Tiwi and Larrakia), Chinese and Muslim,

Hussain Hanif

Cricket Coach

Hussain Hanif was born in Auckland, New Zealand currently living in Melbourne. Hussain is the current Cricket Victoria Vikings head coach and also the Cricket Australia Assistant coach for the ID cricket team. He has a passion for Diversity and Inclusion and using sport as a vehicle to break down barriers and engage with youth.

Mai Nguyen


Maira Nguyen is a teacher, story teller & aspiring filmmaker. She has worked for various media organisations, including ABC, SBS, Human Rights Arts, Film Festival and Meld Magazine. Her debut short film Nur (2014) won 2nd prize at Mokhtar Film Festival (2014) and was shortlisted at Victorian Commission Multicultural Festival (2017). Storytelling is her biggest passion and her latest project is the “Ways to be Muslims” exhibition.
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